Media Release: Government welcomes NT decision on “click-to-call”

12 August 2016

The Hon Alan Tudge MP

Minister for Human Services

The Australian Government welcomes the Northern Territory Racing Commission’s decision to instruct online operators to cease operating live in-play “click-to-call” betting within 28 days, as part of its licence conditions.

The Australian Government believes that “click-to-call” is in breach of at least the intent of the Interactive Gambling Act.

It will introduce legislation as a priority in the Spring sittings to clarify the Act and to empower the ACMA to implement civil penalties for breaches of the Act.

As part of the response to the O'Farrell Review, the Government will also be working with the states to introduce significant consumer protections to combat problems caused by online gambling.

This includes banning the provision of lines of credit and a national self-exclusion register. This will be the biggest package of consumer protections ever introduced by a federal government.

The Government will also be taking action to curb illegal offshore gambling by introducing other disruption mechanisms such as placing directors of offshore companies operating illegally on the movement alert list.