Media Release: Gambling Ministers agree to consumer protection framework for online wagering

25 November 2016

The Hon Alan Tudge MP

Minister for Human Services

The Government has today reached agreement with State and Territory Ministers to establish a strong National Consumer Protection Framework for online wagering.

Chaired by the Minister for Human Services, Hon Alan Tudge MP, Commonwealth, state and territory gambling ministers met today in Melbourne and gave in-principle agreement to key aspects of the Government’s response to the O’Farrell Review of Illegal Offshore Wagering.

This includes:

  • a national self-exclusion register for online wagering;
  • a voluntary pre-commitment scheme for online wagering; and
  • prohibition of lines of credit being offered by wagering providers

The full details of the agreement are outlined in the Communique.

Officials will work on the details of each measure with final agreement next year

This agreement to progress the National Consumer Protection Framework is the second stage of the Government’s agenda to implement the O’Farrell Review.

Earlier in the month, Mr Tudge introduced legislation to crack down on illegal offshore wagering providers and clarify the law in relation to in-play betting.

Mr Tudge said that the agreement today was an important milestone.

“The agreement today will pave the way for stronger protections for everyday gamblers,” said Mr Tudge. 

“The rate of problem gambling in the online space is three times higher than elsewhere and online gambling is growing by 15 percent per annum.  This means that the problems of the future are all coming from online punting unless we have better protections in place.

“The O’Farrell Review found that our current consumer protections are weak and considerably below best practice.  These practical initiatives that we have agreed today are aimed at reducing problem gambling, largely by giving people better information and tools to control their expenditure. 

“A national self-exclusion register will be particularly important to help people who know they are starting to get themselves into trouble. With one click, they will be able to self-exclude from all online gambling providers,” said Mr Tudge.

Mr Tudge has advocated the prohibition of credit betting ever since an unemployed constituent of his was provided $80,000 in credit and almost lost his house.

Download the Communique