Media Release: When the truth doesn't suit Labor, they just make things up

9 October 2017

The Hon Alan Tudge MP

Minister for Human Services

The Hon Greg Hunt MP

Minister for Health

The Labor Party are at it again, continuing their health scare campaign which is designed to wilfully deceive the Australian public.

In an interview on SkyNews regarding the Government’s drug testing of welfare recipients to ensure they receive treatment, the Shadow Minister for Human Services, Linda Burney stated that:

“There is not one additional cent in the budget for addiction and in fact, the Government has removed money out of the budget for dealing with people with drug addictions in particular.” (Interview with Patricia Karvelas, SkyNews 8.10.17)

This is blatantly false as was the statement by the Shadow Minister for Health, Catherine King in her recent doorstop in Rockhampton:

“What we've had from the Federal Government so far, is not a lot of new money in alcohol and drugs, they've in fact been cutting money to alcohol and drug programs across the country.” (Doorstop in Rockhampton, Tuesday 3.10.17)

In fact the Government has allocated $10 million to support additional services in the areas where the drug testing trials will take place. Media release 22.8.17

This investment by the Turnbull Government in treatment to help welfare recipients with drug addictions is in addition to the $685 million invested by the Government for drug and alcohol programs.

This includes $298.2 million over four years for the National Ice Action Strategy – the largest single increase in the Commonwealth investment on alcohol and other drugs. This alone has delivered over 260 additional services or programs in the community to date.

The Labor Party doesn’t have the policies that will earn the support of the Australian people – instead they resort to making up false claims, just as we saw during the election campaign with their disgraceful Medicare scare campaign.

Bill Shorten has always been loose with the truth, and now we see his Shadow Ministers will follow where he leads.