Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation

Media release: New appointments for Australian Hearing

30 August 2018

The Hon Michael Keenan MP

Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation

I am pleased to announce two new appointments to Australian Hearing, the nation's largest provider of Government-funded hearing services.

Mr Kim Terrell has been confirmed as the Managing Director of Australian Hearing.

Mr Terrell has been acting in the role since March and will begin his five-year term as Managing Director on 1 September 2018.

Mr Terrell excelled in the role in this capacity and was a fitting choice for the ongoing appointment given his strong public sector leadership experience, including at the Department of Human Services, the Digital Transformation Agency, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Attorney-General's Department.

The Australian Hearing Board recommended Mr Terrell's appointment based on his proven ability to meet social and public health policy objectives.

In addition to Mr Terrell's appointment, Mr Kim Keogh has been appointed as a special purpose Director to the Australian Hearing Board for a period of up to a year.

Mr Keogh will commence in this role on 1 September 2018.

Page last updated: 30 August 2018